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Anna Volpe Anuzzi, born psychic, has many years of experience working as a psychic, reading people clairvoyantly or spiritually. She talks with people from all walks of life from all over the world. Some travel great distances for private consultations. Others she “reads” on the telephone. The revealing nature of her work gives her an intimate perspective on humanity, as she comes to know people from the inside out. Anna has done many things, received many honors – including receiving an achievement award for the accuracy of her work from Dr. Steven Kaplan, a noted parapsychologist in NYC. She also received a similar award from Pennsylvania Psychic Research (now Psychic Investigators of Blue Bell, PA). In fact, some of her most notable predictions that are formally “on record” with the media are: the prediction of the death of Natalie Wood (November 29, 1981 – Natalie Wood died in a tragic drowning accident while trying to board the dinghy tied up alongside the yacht) and Bush winning the 2004 Presidential election, followed by an emotional upheaval.

One of her most interesting experiences was a visit to Harry Houdini’s grave with Dr. Steven Kaplan, Pennsylvania Psychic Investigators and others; as well as a séance of public record, held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Philly’s Channel 6 on-air personality, Collin McNeil was in attendance, among others. (Look for some startling revelations from this event to be forthcoming in one of the “Psychic Anna” books.) She has had music, articles and poems published; including one article entitled “Sex & Astrology” in Complete Woman magazine. She has done televison (Maury Povitch, among others) and had a six-week call-in show on radio with Jerry Blavat, WPGR. In both forums, she “read” people from the audience live or, as in the case of the radio show, as call-ins over the phone.


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Artwork by Jet Dana

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